Fuck You!

An asshole’s greeting defines his or her self. A good asshole will never acknowledge your existence, but the best asshole approaches you with the most humane and most heart-warming message of all time.

The magical combination between the middle finger and eloquence while speaking the words “fuck you” has the capacity to either keep the universe rolling or stop it dead in its tracks. As assholes, it is our duty to keep the world moving.


It’s really simple.

Being an asshole is the simplest thing man could ever do. If it’s not too obvious for you, let this site help you, as we have guides that will help your inner asshole shine, or let the existing asshole perk up a bit more.

As they say, You Only Live Once. Your goal is to piss everyone off and have everyone forget you ever existed.

That, my friend, is an asshole’s true mission.


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